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Balance Equipment

Our range of balance equipment is home to exercise equipment for elderly and disabled people to help improve balance or strengthen core muscles. Our selection features aids such as wobble boards and balance beams to help with balance and poise as well as air and wobble cushions to help you strengthen your core while sitting.

The range of daily living aids we offer has you covered, whether you want to use them for better health and fitness or for recovery and rehabilitation. Ensuring your safety and comfort while also improving lower and upper body stabilisation and coordination, these easy to clean and sanitise products are here to help when sitting at your desk or working out at home.
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DiscoSit Balance Air Cushion

DiscoSit Balance Air Cushion

Excellent for balance training, flexibility and coordination exercises, this DiscoSit Balance Air Cushion relieves pressure on the spine and promotes correct posture. Once inflated it cleverly mimics...
Therapy Bench
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  • Green

Therapy Bench

This is one of two medium sized versions of the Therapy Bench, this one measuring 380mm in width. Its height and seating angle can be adjusted quickly and easily using a simple but secure slot and...
From £458.37
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Rocker Board - Large

Rocker Board - Large

This high quality large wooden Rocker Board has been designed to help a user with ankle extension and flexion exercises and with uni-directional exercises and may also be used as a balance aid. The...
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Balance Pad

Balance Pad

This Balance Pad is an extremely practical and versatile piece of balance equipment that may be used in a variety of ways to both assess and address poor balance or coordination. This Balance Pad may...

Balance training equipment for improved balance and coordination

Balance equipment is an incredibly useful method to improve your stability and coordination. These tools target key muscle groups, helping you develop a stronger sense of balance over time. With regular use, you can enhance your ability to balance and decrease the risk of falls, empowering you to move with assurance.

Enhanced core strength using balance equipment

One of the advantages of balance equipment is its ability to improve core strength development. Engaging in balance exercises targets your core muscles, which play an important role in maintaining stability and overall body control. By using this balance training equipment for seniors, not only is your balance improved but your overall physical well-being will benefit too.

Customised progression at your own pace

Our balance training equipment is designed to cater to users of varying abilities. Whether you're a beginner or already have experience using these aids, they offer customisable levels of difficulty for each individual. This way, you can gradually challenge yourself as you progress and improve at a pace that suits you.

Contact Complete Care Shop

At Complete Care Shop, we’re determined to help and support you towards increased independence in your every day. Backed by thousands of users on Trustpilot, you can rely on our high-quality balance equipment and range of supportive aids with confidence.

There are plenty of ways to get the help you need with us. We have a useful online help and advice section and also offer an Expert Advice service to get quality, professional support. If you have any more questions about our range of balance training equipment for seniors, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Balance Equipment FAQs

Balance equipment refers to devices designed to help people improve their balance and stability. It's particularly beneficial for elderly people who may experience balance issues due to ageing or certain conditions. Using balance equipment regularly can help enhance coordination, reduce the risk of falls, and maintain mobility.

Balance equipment, such as balance boards and wobble cushions, challenges your body's stability. Regular use encourages your body to improve balance control and strengthen the muscles responsible for maintaining equilibrium. This enhanced balance can significantly reduce the risk of falls, thereby making you or your loved one feel much more secure.

How often you use your balance training equipment for seniors depends on your individual goals and abilities. Consistency is key, though. Starting with a few minutes a day and gradually increasing the time can have positive results. It's recommended you incorporate balance exercises into your daily routine for optimal improvement over time.

Yes, balance equipment can be very beneficial for individuals in recovery. In line with what a healthcare professional recommends, balance equipment can aid in rehabilitation by strengthening weakened muscles and improving stability. It's important to start with exercises that are suitable for your current condition and gradually progress as advised.

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